We have proven that bending wood can become a piece of art. It can be a bench, a chair, a courtyard, a raised bed or a professional toboggan sled.

Precision cut

The Davos sled is one of the most famous Swiss symbols.

  • Original Davos classic

  • Weißensteiner

  • Flizer

  • Swiss racer

  • Folding slide

  • Z-Serie (Legend, Passion, Thermo dark)



These wooden benches are suitable for public spaces such as parks, indoor elements of art galleries or a corner of the home garden.

  • Round bench

  • Snake bank

  • Curved Landi Specials

  • Curved bench

  • Special custom benches


Bringing history back to life, that’s what wainwrighting allows us to do. We can produce all wainwrighting products that were used in the past.

  • Wooden bodies for vintage cars

  • Classic wooden wheels

  • Carriage restorations

  • Steering wheels

  • Wagner work


Raised bed

We use 100% natural Thurgau wood to create aesthetically pleasing raised beds. You can choose different diameters or heights to suit your needs.

  • Hochbeete

  • Different diameters

  • 100% Swiss wood

Weaver’s nest

Elegance, vintage and ideal for relaxing. Everything you need after a long day at work. We bring you the best wooden loungers you can find.

  • Comfortable for relaxing

  • Swiss oak wood

  • Load capacity of max 150kg

  • Different diameters


Custom works

Do you have any other wood projects in mind? Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to work with you.

  • Always open to new ideas

  • We can make it happen

  • 100% Swiss wood of the highest quality

Lignum Suisse is a team of highly professional craftsmen who are passionate about their job. We also work with the best designers in the business and have the latest equipment.

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